Psilocybin Access Fund by Sheri Eckert Foundation

 Psilocybin Access Fund grant application is open! It is a great opportunity, and the open window is limited. If you are interested, please check the website.

Shelley Eckert was a leading figure the 2020 psilocybin legalisation effort in Oregon. I had heard about her and her husband’s psilocybin therapy act in Southern Oregon when they first started, and I was so impressed by their work that I sent them an email. They dreamed that psilocybin therapy would become legal, and it really did. At that time, the idea of doing therapy with psilocybin was still not well understood by much of the public, but through the work of many activists, psilocybin sessions in Oregon became a reality. She spent her life working and, unfortunately, passed away in December 2020, but it became her legacy to create support for ‘equitable access to psychedelic education and services’ and last year she actually provided a number of bursaries for facilitator education. We now have over 300 Psilocybin facilitators in Oregon, and we are able to access sessions to those who need them. However, the cost of sessions is inevitably high and not something that is cost-effective and affordable for everyone. This fund is designed to give people who are financially unable to afford sessions the opportunity to do so. Interested parties are encouraged to apply via the website.



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